Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a generally accepted term describing a group of diseases that concern heart and vessels. This is a number one death cause all over the world.

Types of CVD

All CVD are generally divided into four groups:

  • Cerebrovascular disease – a hard life threatening condition which concerns brain damage and widely known as a stroke. When the blood supply of the brain is transgressed or stopped the brain cells begin dying without oxygen and nutrients. When stoke happens a patient needs the immediate hospitalization which can prevent further damage and even save a person’s life.
  • Coronary heart disease – is a condition when fatty deposits block the ordinary blood flow to the heart through the coronary arteries (two big arteries that supply heart with oxygen-rich blood). The restriction of blood can cause heart pain known as angina. If the arteries are completely blocked, the heart attack can happen.
  • Aortic disease – is a condition that describes the aorta (main blood vessel leading from the heart to the rest of the body) problems. The walls of the artery can weaken and bloat greatly, thus breaking the normal blood supply of the organs. In such a case a patient feel pain in the chest, abdomen, or back. In difficult cases the aorta can burst causing a great abdominal bleeding which is very often fatal.
    • Peripheral arterial disease – is a condition that concerns peripheral arteries (usually limb vessels: more often leg ones) and their blockage with fatty deposits or blood spots. It narrows the arteries and disturbs the blood supply of the limbs causing pain. The process is generally known as atherosclerosis.


    There are different ways of managing CVD depending on the particular type of the problem.

    Medical treatment usually deals with the elimination of consequences. Though, there are drugs intended to lower risks of CVD. Medical product Adcirca is used for relaxing muscles and improving the blood flow. Another effective medicine – Aceon – belongs to ACE inhibitors. It is used for curing coronary heart disease.

    The longest but safest way to prevent CVD is to take care of your diet (avoiding the excess of sugar, salt, alcohol, fat food, and smoking) and to keep an active lifestyle.


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