Although in today’s world medicine is highly developed, there is a number of illnesses that are extremely difficult to cure. Cancer is among those. It is a disease connected with abnormal cell growth which could spread within the entire body.


In order to reduce the probability of cancer development, one should resist smoking and too much sunbathing. It is also helpful to be vaccinated. Seeing a doctor at least once a year enables to control the health conditions and to prevent the illnesses.

Types and symptoms

Cancer consists of about 100 types, including those which affect breast, skin or stomach. It is quite difficult to find out whether one has cancer until some peculiar signs appear. They could be expressed in sudden weight loss or a new lump, for instance.

Common ways to cure

• Radiation therapy. It is the most common way of treatment (used in about 50% cases).

• Surgery is especially effective in some types of cancer.

• Arimidex is often used for breast cancer treatment. It slows cancer expansion by lowering estrogen level.

Cancer is considered to be a deadly disease. Still there are a few of ways that sometimes give possibility either to cure or to improve the symptoms.

By Tatiana Mihnevich

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