Diet myths

Eating fruit isn’t bad in and of itself but natural stuff isn’t always good. This is a popular misconception which can’t possibly be true. Apples are good, celery is good, arsenic is bad, deadly nightshade is bad. Dying from appendicitis and from childbirth is natural too. This doesn’t make it a good thing. Medicine and science have moved on.
Fruit is nice because it is sweet. It contains sugar. It is natural sugar but that doesn’t matter. Not even a little bit. It still has lots of calories.
We pretty much can eat as many vegetables as we want. These are good in virtually unrestricted quantities. Salad less so. Salad falls down on high water content and high natural sugars. Veggies win on the high protein and high vitamin content (with high protein, low fat and low sugar)
There are diets which say that you should only eat fruit or drink smoothies. We need to stay alert to the possibility of these containing lots of calories from the sugars (natural or not, they all count) and much lower fibre than the real thing.
 All surgery stuff is full of calories. The only stuff with higher calories are fatty foods.
Fatty stuff tastes nice. That’s why we eat it. Our taste buds are driven to enjoy sweet stuff and fatty foods. These are crammed full of calories.
If two early humans were in a survival situation and had to pick which foods to eat and one liked the savoury and one liked the fatty sweet stuff, the sweet toothed humans would have lasted longer as they would take more calories on board. They would then have been more likely to go onto have sex and successfully pass on their genes. Over many many generations we as humans have developed intense taste preferences for calorie dense foods. It’s quite normal and healthy to want and eat these. It’s just not quite that healthy to eat so much that we get a spare tyre of fat around our middles.
Having food juiced or placed into smoothies simply makes it more entertaining to produce and eat. It doesn’t make it any better for you. Pulping the lovely beneficial fibre makes it less helpful too.
Our digestive systems need a decent quantity of fibre to function well and it may help decrease bowel cancer. additionally fibre slows down the release of the energy in the blood stream, lower diabetes risk and keeping you fuller for longer.
Diet myths:

  • Foods which purport to have antioxidant properties probably aren’t helpful. That is a bit of a myth. You are welcome to eat them but they aren’t any better for you than anything else. Choose them if you like them, but not because of their health giving properties as they probably don’t have any.
  • There is not probably minimal benefit in eating seeds or roots for life giving properties. They are simply nice tasting proteins.
  • The colour of your food doesn’t have any benefits. This is a myth too.
  • If you have a balanced diet you do not need any vitamin supplements. If you buy dietary supplements you should think carefully about why. There is almost never a need. If you have spare money that you don’t need, either send it to me or use it on a nice meal out with one or more of your favourite people.

Pay attention to the calorie content of fruit juice. It might feel natural but many glasses contain more calories than candy bars. Eating the real deal is significantly better for you because of the fibre. Two pieces a day is probably about the sensible maximum. Top up on veggies.


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