Erectile dysfunction

More and more men suffer from an erectile problem today. This symptom is called impotence or  erectile dysfunction. Now a little bit more about this disease.
Erection problems in men are disabilities to have sex. To be more precise, men cannot get a proper erection. Sometimes the penis becomes partly erect but it is not enough to have sexual intercourse. What provokes an impotence?
First of all this disease can be caused by abuse of drugs or nicotine. Another causes are stress, performance anxiety, mental disorders, negative feelings or psychological problems.
What can we do to avoid erectile dysfunction?
It is important to visit your doctor. He will test you and then he will say what kind of medicine you should take. The most popular is “Viagra Soft”. This remedy is presented in pills. You should take one or two pills one hour before the sexual intercourse. These pills are to be resolved under the tongue and it is allowed to take them only one time per day. “Viagra Soft” would be a great method to get out of this problem.
But you should never forget to lead a regular life without stress and to give up pernicious habits. If you eat healthy food and do sports, you will never catch that kind of problem.

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