Have you ever heard about a problem which is called erectile dysfunction? If no, then you have definitely heard about the impotence. Especially on the TV during the advertising. In fact these two words have the same meaning, they are synonyms. And now we have to explain the definition of these two words.

We can combine impotence and erectile dysfunction in one definition erection problems in men ,which means not to be able to have sex. Notably the penis cannot take erect condition. What influences such kind of problems, which is very serious, because it can affect the prolongation of the mankind?

There are many causes that can give rise to erectile dysfunction and the most common are: nicotine, drugs and alcohol, psychological problems, stress, lack of self-confidence and negative feelings. If you have met the impotence you should visit your doctor and revise your lifestyle.

You can also take pills. “Levitra” would be the best decision. Why “Levitra”? This medicine have already rescued a lot of men. You should take 10 milligrams 25-60 minutes straight before the sexual intercourse, but only one time a day. If something is wrong you can diminish the dose, or increase on the contrary.

Never forget about your health, save it!

By Tatiana Mihnevich

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