Various ways of losing weight

There exist dozens of various ways of losing weight. It is always up to you what to choose for yourself. Some people give up eating sweets and all products containing sugar along with fat food, and the others swallow enormous amounts of vegetables. Some keep track on the number of calories consumed, and others substantially cut portion sizes. And those who lack some willpower just stick to the golden rule: no food after 6 pm.
In fact, there is one more efficient way of reducing weight which is based on buckwheat. You will not be hungry and your body will get bunches of essential nutrients. In such a way you will be able to lose 2 to 12 kilos depending on the duration of your diet. This kind of a diet varies in a couple of ways and, thus, everyone is free to find the best option for himself.
I know you might wonder why among all the grains you should stick with buckwheat. The point is, only buckwheat among all the grains contains such huge amount of nutrients and vitamins essential for your body functioning.
Buckwheat contains a lot of protein, folic acid, vitamin B complex, calcium, and iron. This corn is highly recommended for diabetics as it has no sugar. Though, you need to prepare it in a right way in order to achieve a desirable result.
How to prepare.
The easiest way is to have plain buckwheat. For this you need to take a cup of buckwheat and pour it with warm water in conventional proportions. You should leave the resulting mass on the table overnight. In the morning you just need to get rid of the excess water and split your grains into three portions which will comprise your daily ration. Keep in mind that you cannot add butter, or sugar, or milk into your porridge. At first such a plain ration will seem rather dull but you will get used to it. In the morning you can have a spoonful of honey on the empty stomach in order to maintain the sugar level in your body.
It is highly recommended to combine this diet with drinking lots of fluid (you can indulge yourself with various kinds of tea) to enhance your metabolism and speed the elimination of toxins from your organism.
One more type of buckwheat diet is a combination of buckwheat with yoghurt. By yoghurt here we mean non-sweet plain sour dairy product without any flavors. Clabber will also do. The preparation is the same as in the latter case, only you pour your grains with clabber or yoghurt instead of water. The taste will be peculiar but the good is incomparable to the previous method. Clabber is very helpful in satisfying hunger let alone its content of essential nutrients. You can eat this porridge all day long except for the last meal before sleep. Drink a lot of fluid, but again – no sugar.
Buckwheat with dried fruits is also good for calories burning. Due to this diet your organism will be provided with carbohydrates and some sugar and you will keep losing weight at the same time. You can take any kind of dried fruits you like, but remember not to add more, than 100 g to a meal.
The most delicious and at the same time the most difficult in preparation is buckwheat diet with fresh juice. You go with a cup of buckwheat for a day again but this time you can add any kind of fresh juice at your option. Keep in mind that some kinds of juice are rich in calories, so you’d better have limit it to two glasses per day. And on the contrary, you can have an unlimited amount of water.
Recommended duration of such a diet is a week. In a result you can lose 6 to 8 kilos!
By Tatiana Mihnevich.

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