Body care during your bath

The bath is not just the place where we clean ourselves. It is also where many of us
relax. And one of the best ways to relax is to take a Bubble Bath. However, if you want
to really be assured of taking a soothing, healthful bath, one where no harmful
ingredients have crept into the water that can cause problems with your skin or body,
one of the best things you can do is to create a homemade bubble bath. This will not
only help enhance your skin, but it will also create a soothing and uplifting feeling of
calm and relaxation that is helpful to your mind as well.
When you create your own bubble bath you know that you are taking better care of
your body because you are not using the chemicals that can be found in other bubble
baths. Additionally, you know that your concoction is fresh, that it hasn’t sat for who
knows how long on some shelf somewhere. And when you create your own bubble bath,
you naturally learn about the different essential oils and products that can help you
better care for your body in and out of the bath.
One of the main ingredients in a homemade bubble bath is an essential oil of some sort.
There are many oils that have many different purposes. There is no need to add more
than a few drops to your bubble bath, as all oils are rather potent. Allowing your body to
relax is part of taking proper care of the body. Soothing relaxation helps the nervous
system and has many other health benefits as well, including stress reduction and the
control of stress-related conditions like acid reflux. The bath is a perfect time to do this,
and many women bring books with them to better help them relax during bath time.
The right essential oils can contribute to this.
Or you might select oils for the way they smell. You can choose a scent that you like
best from among oils like lavender, rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, and myrrh, all
considered soothing. Be sure to avoid ingesting oils orally, and avoid marjoram during
pregnancy. Check with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy to find out
what other oils should be avoided during pregnancy.
It is also important that your body feel energized at times and uplifted. This contributes
to mental health and well being as well. It is very difficult to take proper care of the
body when the mind is unhappy. Some of the essential oils that can help you with this
care of the body are eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint, and lemon oil. Additionally,
eucalyptus can help your body fight cold symptoms, as it reduces congestion. Many
people who create their own bubble baths actually make one for relaxing and one for
revitalizing, in order to have what the body needs on hand.
Other oils are especially good at softening the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and taking care of the skin is necessary to the proper care of the body.
Almond oil
and coconut oil are both excellent skin care choices. Almond oil has almost no smell to
it, so it does not conflict with any oil you add for scenting purposes. Coconut oil has a
nutty and floral fragrance which can help you feel as though you are in an exotic
garden. However, it is possible to find scents that complement the coconut oil and
provide other effects. In fact, many homemade bubble bath recipes call for the
combination of different oils for better effect.
In addition to oils, there are other ingredients that are necessary to make homemade
bubble bath. Many of these are found easily and relatively inexpensively at any Bath or
Beauty store, such as distilled water, castille soap and liquid glycerin. They are
necessary to help create the bubbles, add a liquid form to the bubble bath and to
provide a solution for mixing. None of these substances is generally harmful, and they
add a great deal to the bubble bath mixture, as they are clean and can be used to clean
the body as well as to create bubbles to sit in.
It is easy to improve the care your body gets during a bath when you create your own
bubble bath to help you better cope with the general stresses and vagaries of life.


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