Get a Leg Up on Shaving

Shaving is one task that most women hate to deal with. It is something that takes a
significant amount of time and with today’s woman being as busy as ever, there is
simply not enough time in the day! Even though it is annoying, there are few women
who can comfortably live with hairy legs, at least for more than a week or two.
Therefore, you should learn what you can do to make shaving your legs not as
Although some women never think twice about how far to shave, there are many
women who are in constant wonder about whether they should shave more than an inch
above their knees. Most young women rarely worry about shaving above their knees
unless they have dark hair growth. Adult women however rarely leave any part of their
leg unshaved.
It is really a personal preference decision. If you are comfortable leaving your upper leg
a bit fuzzy, then by all means, you have the right to do so. Once you do begin shaving
the upper area however, you may find that you are only comfortable when your entire
leg is hair-free.
Many women determine how much of their legs they shave by the weather. If they are
planning on wearing a short skirt, bathing suit, or shorts, they will shave their entire leg.
However, in the winter season they may forgo shaving altogether. Single women who
date are much more likely to shave their entire legs everyday. Married women are more
likely to skip a day or only shave the parts of their legs that are visible to the general
After deciding exactly what you are going to shave and what you will leave for later,
there are a few things that you should do to make sure shaving is a comfortable
experience. The most important thing you can do is to use a fresh razor. Razors can be
used more than once, obviously, however you should certainly change your razor at
least once a week. Disposable razors are different and should be tossed daily.
With a fresh razor in hand, you should lather up with a good shaving agent. You can use
a shaving gel, cream, or lotion. Try the female versions of shaving products, as they are
usually a bit more sensitive. However, in a pinch, you can certainly reach for your man’s
cream. Another great item to use to help you in shaving is hair conditioner. It works just
like shaving lotion and can help moisturize your legs during and after you shave. Try not
to use soap as this will only dry out your legs and makes shaving uncomfortable.
Even though you are likely rushed to get in and out of the shower, be sure to take your
time when you shave. The more time and effort you take, the better your shave will be.
You will have a smoother shave with less nicks and rashes if you shave slowly. So, try to
slow it down a bit. Saving your shaving routine for last when in the shower is also a
good idea. By allowing your hair to soften from washing and the heat of the water, you
will find shaving to be more soothing than stressful.
What you do to your legs after exiting the shower is almost as important as what you do
when you are in the shower. Never leave shaved legs dry and without moisture. Most
women can lather on body lotion right after shaving, but some may find this irritating to
their legs. If you find yourself in an irritating situation, consider skipping your shaving
routine for a few days. After your irritation heals, try using baby oil right on your legs
after shaving. Almost everyone can use this without irritation. It is a bit messier, but it
will provide everything you need for a comfortable shave.
Getting a clean and non-irritating leg shave can mean putting a little more effort into the
routine then you may expect. However, these tips are not so time consuming that you
will notice a big difference in your morning schedule. They are mostly things that you
can start making habits, which will ultimately take no more time for you to accomplish
than your normal routine. So, start shaving smart today and you will see the results in
no time!

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