General Holistic Health Tips(part 2)

12. Relieve pain with acupuncture. Acupuncture is an age old healing
technique used to stimulate nerve endings and to promote healing from
within. Overall, the goal of an acupuncturist is to restore well being and
good health to the whole body. If you are currently experiencing chronic
pain, consider consulting a therapist to see if your pain might be reduced
with treatments.
13. Meditate for better well being. The basic definition of meditation is to
concentrate on some object or thought in order to quiet the mind. There
are many different types and styles of meditation; however the one thing
that is consistent is that not every technique will work for every person.
Every one can benefit from some type of meditation, take some time to
read about different techniques or talk to a holistic healer for more
information about what might work for you.
14. Try Buddhist meditation. Buddhist meditation deals primarily with
the quest for knowledge, and is one of the more popular styles of
meditation used in the world today. The premise is that by meditating you
are spending some quiet time to improve the state of your mind. Getting
started is as simple as finding a quiet space to relax, taking some deep
breaths and letting thoughts enter and pass through your mind without
concentrating on any specific thought.
15. Stop the music when meditating. Just as you would probably
accomplish more during a study session without music, the same holds
true for meditation. While some people will play music while they
meditate, there is a question about whether music serves simply as a
distraction. Try turning off the music for a week, and see for yourself if you
are able to accomplish more with a quiet atmosphere.
16. Accept that there is no clear and easy path. Many people spend so
much time looking for the easy route that they forget to enjoy the joys of
the road. Changing your perspective will take time, but try to begin
thinking of obstacles as stepping-stones along the path of your life.
17. Go to the dentist. If you have fillings that could possibly contain
Mercury, it is a good idea to have those fillings replaced by your dentist. If
you are feeling poorly and cannot explain why, this may be the culprit.
Mercury poisoning is slow and often masks itself with symptoms of other
health problems. Your dentist can tell you whether you should consider
having any of your fillings replaced.
18. Be nicer. Positive energy is contagious. If you do something nice for
someone today, chances are that before the end of the day that person will
do something nice for someone else. Holding the door for someone costs
you nothing more than a few seconds out of your day, however if that
person is having a bad day it might just be the little pick up needed to put
them in a better mood. Little things mean a lot, and if you are doing nice
things for people, you will begin to feel better about yourself.
19. Avoid clutter. Clutter is an energy buster. If your bedroom is cluttered,
the energy will not flow as freely as it should and your sleep will be
affected in a negative way. Not only that, but clutter is frustrating, because
it often keeps you from finding something that you need in a few seconds.
Take the time to eliminate clutter, but start small with one area at a time.
Otherwise, you risk overwhelming yourself with a lot of work.
20. Be gracious. Gratitude is extremely powerful, and remembering to say
thank you for even the littlest things can be a powerful positive change.
Expressing gratitude is much more pleasant than expressing frustration,
and it will eventually begin to replace the negative habit of complaining
that we all get into some times.
21. Consider a peroxide bath. Hydrogen peroxide is known for being a
highly effective astringent that removes toxins, or dirt, from scrapes and
cuts. It can do the same thing for the rest of the body as well. Simply add
a quart of peroxide to your hot bath and soak for a few minutes to check
for tolerance. If you don’t have any irritation that does not stop quickly,
add a second quart and soak for about ten minutes. The peroxide will pull
toxins from your skin and help you to flush toxins better afterwards.
22. Consider a liver flush. Gallstones form in the bile ducts and the
gallbladder, and may be to blame for medical problems that go otherwise
unexplained. By performing a liver flush you are helping your body to
eliminate the built up toxins and gallstones. If you are interested in
instructions for a liver flush, you can find them at any reputable holistic
healer and even online. If you have any health problems, or suspect that
you might, you should speak with your doctor prior to performing the

23. Consider learning from an Alexander technique instructor. The
Alexander method is a way to retrain the body to remain correctly
postured in order to prevent and eliminate the possibility of problems such
as muscle strains, nerve damage, stiff necks and many more. The purpose
of this technique is to eliminate unnecessary tension within the body and
to teach the body to position itself correctly.
24. Eat clay. Yes, clay in its naturally occurring form is fantastic for treating
many different health ailments that might go otherwise untreated. Liquid
clay is available and can be taken several times a day to help with
problems with the liver, headaches, arthritis and skin disorders. Clay
masks are fantastic for the skin, and when used after a good exfoliation
they can remove impurities and toxins from your skin.

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