General Holistic Health Tips(part 3)

25. Consider “transpersonal therapy”. If you have found that standard
therapy is not working out for you, this is an approach that helps many
people to feel more comfortable. In this type of psychotherapy, the
therapist and the patient focus on making a significant connection with
one another in order to remove anyone from a superior position. Many
patients have found that when they feel a connection with their therapist,
they feel that they can be more open-minded and receptive.
26. Be mindful instead of bored. If you feel bored, or feel as though you
are stretching every minute to its fullest extent in order to get things done,
you are probably a good candidate for the practice of mindfulness.
Through mindfulness, you are going to get to the root of what is causing
you to feel stressed or bored. Often there is something deeper that is
causing you anxiety, and through this technique you are likely to discover
what that something is. The premise is to let go of pain and to allow
thoughts to flow freely. By trying to suppress feelings and control
thoughts, you are actually doing your body more harm than good.
27. Pay attention to your dreams. Dreams can tell you a lot of
information that you might not otherwise realize. Therapists believe that
through our dreams, we become aware of personal struggles, fears and
internal conflicts. Consider keeping a dream journal, where you record at
least the major themes of what you are dreaming. Do this as soon as you
can after waking, so that you make sure to get the essence of your dreams.
Pay attention to patterns, serial dreams and symbols that seem to reappear
often. Find out what these things represent to you by meditating on the
symbol or theme, or look them up in a dream dictionary for the generally
accepted explanation. While this may not represent the meaning for you, it
will give you a place to start.

28. Study your hands to remember your dreams. If you are
experiencing personal conflicts, feeling stressed or would just like to gain a
new level of access to your inner thoughts, consider learning to control
your dreams to make them work for you. By concentrating on your hands
several times throughout the day, asking yourself if you are dreaming, you
will start to remember to look at your hands while dreaming. If you can
control your hands in your dreams, you will already be able to change the
course of your dreams and to play an interactive part. This can include
bringing specific people into your dreams, or even asking specific people to
leave them. Try this technique, and you will be amazed the first time that
you are dreaming, and realize that you are actually able to do more than
just watch what is happening.

29. Try yoga to overcome depression. If you are suffering from
depression, practicing yoga may help you to overcome the symptoms and
get to the root of what is causing the problem in the first place. Through
the practice of yoga, you are attempting to connect to your spirit and to
reconnect your mind and body. With practice, you may begin to see the
symptoms of depression begin to lessen almost immediately.
30. Learn about your constitutional type. Indian medicine focuses
treatment for patients upon their constitution – based upon the elements
of water, fire, earth, space and air. According to this centuries old practice,
it is believed that diet, activities and healthcare can be specifically targeted
to the individual. There are a number of factors that help determine your
constitutional type according to Auyervedic typing. You can work with a
practicing Auyervedic doctor, or you can find information about type
determination online.
31. Pay attention to your colors. Although you may have stopped paying
attention to color as a young child, there is definitely some benefit to
examining what colors you tend to use, enjoy and prefer. Color is directly
associated with body energy and emotions. Sometimes, you may feel out
of balance and not realize that it is the colors surrounding you that are
impacting your mind-body balance. For example, if you tend to wear a lot
of red or to surround yourself with red, you may be over-stimulating your
emotions. However, if you frequently feel tired or listless you might want
to add more red to your wardrobe.
32. Consider color therapy. Try changing the colors in your wardrobe to
better suit your emotional needs during any particular time in your life.
For example, if you feel that you are in need of a personal change, or that
you need to build your self-esteem, consider wearing more purple, as this
color is known for its connection with self-healing. If you are stressed, try
wearing light blue. Green is a great color to add when you feel like you
have recently made a personal accomplishment, since it is a color known
for renewing effects.

33. Try magnets for pain relief. Magnetic therapy is becoming a very
popular method for treating chronic pain and conditions that cause
chronic pain. Magnets are shown to increase blood flow through the body
by as much as a third. This increased circulation is a great way to alleviate
34. Use magnets when recovering from an injury. Studies have shown
that applying magnets to an injury will help to increase the healing rate
because the magnets correct the polarity of the body cells and increase the
overall health of the area where they are applied. Healing will be faster,
and pain will be less when you apply magnets.

35. Try bioenergenic therapy when you are feeling depressed or
tired. Bioenergetics is an alternative therapy that includes a combination
of different techniques used together to help your body fight off illnesses,
depression and other conditions. Practitioners observe the patient and
form a treatment plan that works to correct things like breathing patterns
and stress levels in order to begin identifying and alleviating problems that
the patient is experiencing. This therapy combines biofeedback with talk
and touch therapy, acupuncture and nutritional counseling in a specific
way determined by each individual patient.
36. Play an active role. If you have decided to see a holistic practitioner,
one of the things that you need to realize when you get started is that this
is not the passive medicine that you may have experienced in the past.
The practitioners are there to guide you as the patient, however you will
need to make a significant effort and work with your practitioner to
determine the best treatments for you and to increase the effectiveness of
the treatments. Many patients find that taking an active role in treatment
makes the effects more immediate and tangible.
37. Consider a whole body detoxification program. The environment,
stress and even the foods that we eat can affect every cell in the human
body negatively. Sometimes, the body just needs a break so that it can
effectively remove harmful chemicals and byproducts that reduce the
body’s ability to fight disease and to function at its peak. A whole body
cleanse will give you the ability to remove toxins from your intestine,
organs and even your skin. Consider working with a holistic physician to
see if a detoxification program could help you.
38. Focus on the dance of life. Life is ever-changing and ever adapting.
Sometimes we all get bogged down in our day to day and forget to take
time out for ourselves. It is beneficial to take at least some time each day
to work on personal growth and healing. Spending time working on
personal growth in some way will make you more aware of the ups and
downs of your life and give you tools for dealing with whatever comes your
way throughout your life.

39. Try what ails you to relieve the symptoms. Homeopathic medicine
practitioners believe that a symptom is little more than the body’s defense
against stress. Therefore, they take the approach that finding a substance
that behaves in the same way that the body does – that substance can be
used to fight off the ailment or infection. Take a walk through a health
food, or nutritional supplement store, and you are bound to see a
homeopathic remedy for many common health problems.

40. Try a natural caffeine detox. If you have been promising to give up
coffee, or to cut down, you might need to actually remove the effects of
caffeine from your system with a detoxification process that includes
chamomile. This extract helps to calm you while washing caffeine from
your system. You can use chamomile tea, or a specially developed
compound designed to detoxify the body.
41. Consider chiropractic medicine. If you are currently experiencing
back pain, chances are that the damage has already been done.
Chiropractors are specially trained to manipulate the body in a way that
frees nerves and muscles to function correctly, thereby reducing pain in
the body immediately. It is important to work with a Doctor of
Chiropractic, who has attended college and Chiropractic College.

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