Natural Food Choices

Improve your food choices. Many people who eat unhealthy diets
believe that they are following a sound nutritional plan. However, those
same people often do not include fruits and vegetables with every meal.
And they often eat meals on the go without giving it a second thought. If
you want your body to perform at high-efficiency, you must provide it with
high-efficiency foods. This means more whole, raw foods and as few
preservatives as possible.
Plan your eating ahead of time. This is one of the things that
nutritionists will tell you to do when you want to improve your eating
habits. For one thing, you will not be hungry if you are prepared with a
meal schedule. Also, you will not be tempted by sugar and caffeine
throughout the day when you have plenty of healthy alternatives on hand.
Drink more water. Most people cannot honestly say that they drink
nearly enough water. In fact, many people do not realize how much water
they need to drink throughout the course of a day. You should focus on
drinking half of your body weight in ounces each day. And, this does not
include beverages other than water. In order for your body to function at
its optimal, you need to make sure that you are drinking enough.
Dehydration can occur when you are not getting enough water in your
body, and there are many dangerous and bothersome side effects.
Eliminate the color white from your diet. In general, foods that are
white in color contain little in terms of health benefits and are in fact
better eliminated completely. This includes white bread, white pastas,
potatoes, crackers that are not made from whole wheat and white rice.
You can eliminate these items or replace with foods that have a higher
nutritional value like whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potatoes and
brown rice.
Eat more foods that are acidic and alkaline. Consider modifying
your diet to include foods that are acidic and alkaline, because many
holistic experts believe that this is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy
body. Foods like meat are high in acid. Fruits and vegetables tend to
contain a high alkaline content. One of the reasons that this will improve
your health is that your body will contain far less bacteria when it is acidic
than when it is not.
Don’t overdo the grains. Consider reducing the amount of grains and
other carbohydrates that you are eating on a daily basis. The typical food
pyramid emphasizes eating a large quantity of starches, however
nutritionists believe that focusing more on fruits and vegetables will keep
you healthier overall.
Consider adopting a raw food diet. This is where you eat only
unprocessed and uncooked foods. Often, the damage done to the body by
food occurs because of the additives and preservatives that are used in the
preparation. While most people find that they cannot sustain this type of
diet for an extended time period, some have transformed their life and
health through raw food consumption.
Avoid foods with added supplements. Believe it or not, nutritionists
do not recommend supplements for the sake of adding more nutrients.
You should try to obtain the nutrients you need through the foods that
naturally contain them. And, if you require supplements, you are far
better off just taking supplements. One nutrient that seems to be added to
everything these days is calcium. The amount of calcium being added to
products like orange juice is so minimal that it really will not help you to
overcome a deficiency.
Eat a teaspoon of honey every day. Honey is known for its amazing
healing properties, and because it contains 100% natural sugars it is a safe
and effective way to give yourself an energy boost. Honey is good for your
skin, your circulation and for the cells of your body due to a high content
of antioxidants.
Nourish your body. Holistic healers believe that malnutrition is often
responsible for many commonly occurring health problems, meaning that
if the body does not get what it needs, illness will be the result. Imagine of
you completely avoided calcium. The result would be brittle and broken
bones and teeth. Well, the same applies for many other important
nutrients. So, be sure to keep giving your body what it needs to stay

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