Strength Training For A Healthy Body

Strength training is the type of work out that employs resistance to

make stronger and shape up the skeletal and muscular system of the
body, enhancing muscle tone and stamina. Strength training is
synonymous to other exercise terms such as weightlifting and
resistance training.
The Advantages of Strength Training
Physically, the benefits of steady strength training include a boost in muscle size and tone, increased muscular power, and amplification in bone, tendon, and sinew strength. Strength training has can also develop one’s psychological status by increasing confidence and self-esteem.
Here are other worthy benefits of strength training:
• Energy Boost: additional endurance, control and strength which results into more energy
• Better digestion and purging processes. Your body is designed to be active in many ways
• Superior cerebral ability and output. Strength training provides an interval needed by the human brain from the constant thinking jobs which is so ordinary in this modern world.
• Improved sleep: Strength training develops a better sleeping pattern for you.
• Weight loss: with strength training, the muscle burns more calories than fats because of improved metabolism.
• Tougher bones: increased bone mineral density resulting from loads placed on the bones during the strength training
• Depression control: While exercising, the brain sends out endorphins resulting in a happy state of mind during and after exercise
• Reduced stress
• Protection from heart disease: reduced blood pressure and weight loss
• Improved self-confidence and self-perception
• Body fat percentage reduction
• Lean tissue increase
• Strength increases
• Lung function improves
• Bone mineral density increases Strength training will definitely aid in the increase of mental and physical stamina to help you better tolerate the stresses of life at work and at home. Another one of the many benefits of a good strength training program is its effect on our appearance. A great looking body has a direct correlation to an individual’s self-esteem and his level of confidence.
Strength Training Can Slow Down Aging
Strength training is essential in thwarting muscle loss that usually accompanies the aging process. A common false impression is that as we reach grow old, it is normal to stop being active and to begin using canes and wheelchairs. Many think that we have no choice.
The truth is there is completely no reason why all of us can’t be bodily, psychologically, and socially active living a healthy life even when we have already matured. The reason why many elderly people have become slower and fatter is simply because over the years, their muscles have wasted away without strength training. This has resulted in the decrease of their body’s physical performance and metabolism which is the reason why they have become less efficient.
The body needs consistent strength training in order to slow down muscle and bone weakness. Constant physical movement prepares the body for the rougher road ahead. You will eventually notice that mature people who have had ample physical activity in their youth are still capable of doing a lot things without supervision when they get old.

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