Using Your Weight Loss Plan to Help Others

If you have been successful at devising and sticking to a weight loss plan then you should share your plan and success with others who are striving to have the same success as you. There is nothing like motivation to encourage others to stick to it and succeed and if they see it working then they are more likely to be want to stick with a plan too and gain the same success in their life.
 Sharing and motivating each other is the number one reason why weight loss clubs such as weight watchers have such a high success rate, knowing you are not the only one out there who is struggling and needs to shed a pounds can make a huge difference just by giving the confidence a boost. So if you have been successful in your weight loss plan then what can you do to get it out there and share it with others, here are ideas to get you started.
Write a blog
The Internet is an excellent place to write a blog and it enables you to get your thoughts and ideas out there to millions of people throughout the world, there are many websites that now offer free blog space and this is ideal for getting your information out. A blog space can be thought of like an online diary, your space to share thoughts, feelings and ideas and you spread it by word of mouth all over the world. Use your blog space to share your successful weight loss plan and write down all that it took to get you where you are today in detail. You can include the plan you used along with exercise routines and menus that you followed along as well as your thoughts and feelings as you went through the plan to encourage people that dieting can work.
Have weekly meetings
If you know a group of friends who are wanting to diet then get together and hire a local meeting hall weekly or alternate going to different homes every week for a diet club meeting. Getting together once a week means you can all get weighed together at the same time, share your highlights and console those who have faltered throughout the week. Keep written records for all members of the group and plot your progress weekly, if one of you has been particularly successful in the past with your weight loss plan then maybe you are the one to lead the group and encourage other members to follow the same plan you did.
Write an e-book
If you have had great success on your weight loss plan then consider writing a small e-book about your experiences and success in order to encourage others. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy and all computers come with word processing software, start by mapping out from the introduction, then go through various chapters and when you have finished print it out and distribute it among friends, it’s a great, fun way to get your success story out there and to give others the encouragement they might need.


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