6 Tips for preventing Acne

Acne Prevention
Here is a final checklist of valuable acne prevention methods:
 Find a regimen and stick with it – Pick your medication and treatment method and do not deviate from it unless you achieve measurable results or find that the condition is worsening.
 Don’t use alcohol – Do not use products, like toners, if they contain heavy concentrations of isopropyl alcohol. This can do more damage than good.
 Don’t over-wash – With the myth of dirt being a cause of blemishes or acne, cut down the times you wash. Two should be the limit each day. Anymore, and you risk increasing the breakouts you have.
 Choose skin products carefully – Don’t get harsh or abrasive scrubs that can tear the skin and further aggravate the acne.
 Wash after exercising – Don’t forget to hit shower after you’ve had a workout. The friction and moisture caused by clothing rubbing against the skin can create the perfect conditions for acne production.
 Avoid constant touching or picking at your face – This is pretty self-explanatory. These activities can cause bacteria to get into pores and create acne.

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