Eat Right

Eat Right
There are two simple ways in which you can lose weight. You can either lose weight by in taking
fewer calories, or you can shed a few pounds by brining calories. If you want to lose weight,
then cutting calories, makes a lot of sense.
But, it is important that you cut calories sensibly, because cutting too many calories, will do
more harm than good. It will not only hamper your health, but it can also act as a road block to
shedding weight.
Generally people have a wrong notion, that as consuming fewer calories helps to shed weight,
so consuming absolutely minimal calories will help them lose faster. This is in fact, sadly untrue.
Everything has to be done in moderation.
An extremely low calorie diet will not only cause harm to your body, but will also hinder your
weight loss. You don’t want that, do you?
When you cut down calories too low, your body interprets that you have gone in to a starvation
Thus it will try its best to maintain your current weight. Your body will slow down its metabolism
and so that it can save energy and store it to the fat reserve that you already have. This in fact
will make it all the more difficult to lose weight.
Thus you can clearly see why cutting down calories, does the opposite of what you want it do.
Not only do these low calorie starvation diets reduce your metabolism. These are also are very harmful for the body. These causes dizziness, light headiness and you will find difficult to
These starvation diets are also very difficult to stick to, when you feel hungry; chances are that
you will not be able to resist the temptation. The end result will be that you end up gorging up
food. In most cases, Starvation diets will help you to gain weight instead of losing them.
A more sensible way to lose weight is to eat right rather than not eat at all. When you feel
hungry, it is important that you eat; your body should not feel that you are starving.
Eating does not mean that you can eat food dripping with oil, or gorge on snacks loaded with
cheese. Instead having a glass of fruit juice or a low calorie snack should do the trick.
If you feel the need to binge, then make sure you eat light on the successive days, this way you
can balance the calorie intake.
So if you want to shed weight, the simple trick is to eat! Eat, but eat right!

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