Why Do People Do Exercises For The Stomach

Stomach exercises are certainly in vogue and most exercise routines place an emphasis on
abdominal exercises. Crunches and other abdominal exercises are one of the mainstays of
training programs and always have been. But why should that be the case?
There are a number of reasons. The obvious one is because of health concerns. It is a well
documented fact that carrying around extra weight around your stomach areas can lead you to
face more health problems. They can be at greater risk of certain medical conditions than those
who are more toned. This reason alone should be enough to encourage you to exercise your
stomach and abdominal muscles. This is certainly a salient reason for doctors recommending
stomach exercises.
A second, related reason is that by exercising and maintaining a strong stomach area you affect
all areas of your body. The stomach is the centre of your body, and a strong stomach generally
means a stronger back and it makes the rest of your body more able to cope with the demands
placed upon it. Most people want to feel strong whether it is so they can work better, enjoy their
children or just feel better about themselves. A well-managed abdominal routine can help them
to maintain this.
But often the most important factor is because of media and peer pressure to look good. A well
developed set of abdominal muscles lives up to the media’s idea of a good-looking body. They
always talk about ‘movie-star good looks’ and a toned stomach is surely part of that. Not many
people want to be seen with a bulging stomach overhanging their waistband. Why do you think
it is that when we look at ourselves in the mirror we draw in our stomach to see how we could
look? Why is it a natural reaction to suck in our stomachs when we walk past anyone we want to impress?
Recently-pregnant women tend to focus on toning up their stomachs as soon as they can after
childbirth. The number of celebrity mums who get back into shape mere weeks after giving birth
is part of the reason why women strive to do the same, but there is also a health boon by doing
so. Strengthening their stomach muscles helps their whole body to recover from the rigors of childbirth.
Specific events also provide a driving reason to exercise and achieve a flatter, more flattering
stomach. Maybe you need to get into that wedding dress (or if you are the bridesmaid maybe to
look better than the bride!), or get out of your old 1-piece swimsuit into a bikini now that summer
is approaching. Maybe you have a school reunion coming up and want to show that you still
have it! Maybe a doctor has suggested you could do with a tune-up, or maybe its all about
improving your self confidence. Whatever the reason they are all legitimate.
So although health and good looks are the two main reasons for the emphasis on stomach
workouts these cover a multitude of personal reasons. Whatever the reason, as long as you are
motivated to continue your program until you see results then the reason is a good one.

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