The Strong Stomach Workout

For most people setting out on any abdominal workout routine the goals are simple; either a
less flabby waistline and a flatter more flattering stomach, or a stronger, more healthy set of
muscles. Ideally everyone should be aiming for a balance of the two.
A flatter stomach is great and looks much more flattering, especially in a swimsuit or a pair of
shorts, but in reality this is less meaningful if it is only skin deep. It is important that the central
muscles as well as the outer ones are worked adequately so that the stomach area is stronger
and healthier as well as more attractive. It is no use building a beautiful facade on weak
foundations since beauty is only skin deep after all as the old axiom goes.
Below are a number of stomach exercises which work to create strong muscles throughout your
abdomen. As with all exercise routines, be sure to take professional advice before starting and
always fully warm up to prevent injury.
Toning Up Your Torso
Prepare for this exercise by kneeling on all fours, both knees and both hands flat. Still looking
down, keep your stomach drawn in and extend your left arm straight out in front. Keep your arm
outstretched as you extend your right leg out behind you. Bring both back to the starting position
then switch your arms and legs, and repeat the exercise for a full set. Your torso and pelvis
should remain static throughout.
The Butt Burner
You need to lie on your back here and we recommend using a mat or a towel. Bend your knees
so that your feet remain flat to the floor with both arms by your side. Lift your pelvis and as you
do so contract your buttocks so that the muscles feel squeezed tight. Raise your pelvis to fortyfive
degrees, so your upper body from your shoulders to your knees maintains a straight, flat
ramp. Hold this for a few seconds before slowly lowering your pelvis back to the floor. Make
sure that you use your stomach muscles as you lower yourself rather than letting gravity assist
you. Complete an entire set of these.
The Crunchless Crunch
This exercise sounds easy but can be difficult to do well. It uses different muscles to those
normally used and can be tough to get right at first. Essentially in involves contracting your
stomach muscles to pull your belly button back towards your spine, compressing your stomach as you do so. You can either try this lying on your back or in a kneeling position. To start relax
your body. Then slowly contract your stomach as if you are pulling your belly button backwards.
Hold this for ten seconds then release slowly. Once you find ten seconds easy repeat it for
longer. Building this up over time will lead to a strengthening and tightening of the transverse
abdominals, one of the key interior muscle groups-how to weight loss
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lose belly fat.
Scissor Kick
Again, lie on the floor, upper body and back tight to the ground. Place your hands under your
buttocks to raise you slightly from the floor keeping your back flat. Slowly lift one leg to around ten inches and slowly (as slowly as you can manage) lower it to the floor. As you lower one leg slowly raise the other so for a short time both are in a crossing movement. Using a slow, wellcontrolled speed throughout is essential and will increase the effectiveness of the exercise.
Repeat the exercise for a complete set-top weight loss programs
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These are only a few of the strength building exercises there are. If you are seeking to build
strength across your midsection, look for exercises that work your core muscles, especially the
transverse abdominals. Many components of Pilates are also excellent for this .

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