Chinese horoscope-Ox

Ox does not differ at a fast pace, but it’s a man who, thanks to his patience and thoroughness, brings things to the end. He not only can
plant an oak tree, but will systematically water and care for it until the oak turns into a large strong tree.Ox do not like novelty and avant-garde, they prefer classics and are very conservative, like things tested by years, methods and manners of behavior.
Ox are reliable and responsible. If they have chosen some way,
set a goal, it is unlikely that they can turn it off: if the Ox started courting you, then they will do it until the end. In their own purposes, they

Ox-people treat money with extreme caution, they prefer to accumulate money, and not to invest, especially in dangerous or risky projects.
However,Ox is a valuable find for any company, precisely because of their caution and
systematic financial management. These are hard-working, hardy and
reliable employees.
The Ox gives the impression of a sedate and formally
official person, but in the depths of his soul there is a place for romance, but such an old-fashioned style (move a chair, give a hand to a lady, etc.), however this romance
manifests itself only among friends and well-known people.Ox love art
and culture. In clothing Ox also prefer the classics. In family relations the Ox
stand for traditional values ​​and stable relations in the family.

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