Chinese horoscope-Dragon

People-Dragons are absolute extroverts, personalities are very eccentric, prone to
exotic, optimists. They are distinguished by their generosity, they like to make extravagant and wide
gestures, to take risks, but not very consistent in words and deeds. The dragon adores flattery and
in every possible way strives for recognition. They are clever, they always have many friends and admirers. Dragons are quite energetic.

It is a person of mood – he can react to a simple
a hint, as the most significant remark in his own address. But the Dragon moves away rather quickly from offense, as soon as he realizes that they did not want to hurt him, he immediately forgives.
Honest, but not tolerate, when someone tries to deceive him. If suddenly you decide it
hold, then wait for a response and certainly do not count on his help and protection in the future.
Dragons are emotional, often quite frank.

If you complain Dragon, he will do everything possible for you, but it is not worth it
abuse. He does not like too soft and weak people. Being strong, he
will help, but as soon as they try to sit on his neck, the Dragon changes in an instant.
The dragon is a very sensual sign. He is a romantic. This feature
character is manifested most in love. Dragons are amorous, they
sometimes ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of a loved one. But do not check them

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