Chinese horoscope-Snake

They are spicy, wise, intelligent, a little secretive people, purposeful, passionate,
educated, but always ready for any sacrifice for the sake of the neighbor. Have a solid and sane view of life. Calm, but thorough in business,
insightful. They are very sensitive.

Can achieve high position, but not for
the account of their skills, but due to the ability to be at the right time in the right place. Snakes have excellent analytical skills.
The snake is the ideal type of shrewd financier.

The snake is always lucky with money. She does not need to worry about money, such
problems it never arises. Serpent people have strict moral norms and
principles. Usually they are not chatty and have a good sense of humor. Woman Snake
has some special beauty and therefore often enjoys success with men.
The snake, most of all, trusts impressions, sensations and sympathies, instead of
trust the facts, one’s own experience and the experience of others.

It is characterized by a tendency to exaggerations. The serpentine instinct pushes it at that,
To wrap around around her and most likely to strangle her. From this
it follows that, in advance, you need to carefully consider all the pros and cons, before
how to turn to the serpent for help.

After a while you can to regret that they asked for his help. Know if you hit the Snake, she
will develop a thorough plan of liberation from you. The snake prefers to live for
closed doors, so her house is not open to everyone.
Snakes love expensive, exquisite clothes, jewelry and accessories.

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