Chinese horoscope-Horse

The horse is a male sign. A man knows that in the world of women and
men have different roles: men work and earn money,
women sit at home, are engaged in home and children. Women-Horse Leaders
by nature, their views on life are quite different – she believes that partners
in marriage are equal and should share responsibility for the home, children,
making money.
Therefore, it is very difficult for two horses to find mutual understanding.
Horses are sociable, competitive, prefer
act in a team, not alone. They have solid, well-established
views, they are of principle. They may be prejudiced and biased.

A man’s-horse is hot, generous, energetic, inquisitive.
A popular, enthusiastic, fast-paced, peace-loving, optimist,leaving a very pleasant impression.

People born in the year Horses know how to enjoy life.Horses love to be in a crowd.They like to visit concerts, theaters and other entertainments.

In the company, the Horse likes to draw attention to his person, always keeps in the center and talks briskly. A horse is popular and can make a career in areas related to the ability to manipulate people: show business, politics.

Money for the Horse is of no small importance in life, because she loves beautiful things, a comfortable home and travel.

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