12 signs of the Chinese horoscope

Snake. It convicts, wise, smart, a little secretive people, motivated, passionate, educated, but always ready for any sacrifice for the sake of others. They have a solid and sane outlook on life

Horse. Like Tiger, Horse male sign. The man knows that in the world of women and men prepared for different roles: men work and earn money, woman sitting at home, doing household and children.

Goats have strong intuition – it makes it even solve the most complex problems in dealing with people and opens the right doors.Marriage is a very important value in their life. Goats are characterized by a spirit of camaraderie and collectivism.

Monkeys possess the technical minded and have ability to work with metal – from the manufacture of jewelry products to work in mechanical engineering. Usually people-monkeys have golden hands, men can fix equipment in the house.

Rooster. The Roosters have a flair for business people, they are capable of
save money for a rainy day, but from time to time they shikuyut and
spend too much money, especially these are the male Roosters.
Roosters are always up to date with all the latest news. Roosters are proud people, always
strive to make a favorable impression on others. Them it is simply necessary that others express their admiration for them.

Dog. People belonging to this sign, primarily dedicated and responsive. That’s right, reliable and devoted friend. Immediately open and show you my soul .

Pig. This friendly, with the warmth of relating to other people, generous, funny and sociable people. Gallant, helpful, meticulous to the extreme

People born in the day, year of the rat: a very intelligent,
sociable, can lead people, they know how to get along
with other people,sometimes manipulate other people are able to create complex
projects on paper, but are reluctant to carry out these
projects in life.
That people have a very fine intuition,creativity. Rats are ambitious and supporters
fair play, it is very difficult to cheat.

Bull is no different high speed, but is a person who thanks to his patience and thoroughness brings all things to the end. It not only can plant an oak, but will gradually be watered and cared for him until the oak does not turn into a big strong tree. Bulls do not like novelty and avant-garde, they prefer the classic and very conservative, proven over the years like things, methods and manners.
Bulls are reliable and responsible. If they chose a certain path,
set a goal, it is unlikely that they will be able to roll with it, if Bull began to take care of you, they will do so until the bitter end. In his view, they

Tiger – a typical sign of the men.
In China, it was the custom not to marry
Tigress -women because of their strong and proud character.

For rabbits very important family, friendly relations with parents,
sisters, brothers. They will always help their
parents and other family members. These are very responsible
family people. Thanks to good intuition and dexterity, it is able to provide for itself financially. As employees are very very responsible and hardworking.

Dragons absolute extrovert, very eccentric personality, prone to
exotic, optimistic. Is distinguished by its generosity, love making extravagant and extensive gestures , dragons emotional, often quite frank.
He does not like too soft and weak people.

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