Chinese horoscope-Goat

The Goat is the female sign that embodies the feminine principle. The appearance of Goat is always disposable,confident and benevolent.
Goat has a strong intuition – it helps her solve even the most difficult problems in communicating with
people and opens the right doors.

The Goat is wayward and unpredictable. She can be complaisant, gentle, kind, caring, but in
One moment can change, become aggressive and even horn the horns. If it seems to you that
Goat leads – do not believe it! This is an illusion! The goat was created by God for obedience.

Goats, mostly live in herds, so most goats have gregarious feelings and follow
crowd. If you want to inspire something to Kose or make her do as you like,
it is enough to show her that all other people do and do just that. Although there are Goats that
prefer not to be among the crowd, but in the circle of 2-3 faithful friends.

The goat prefers consistency in personal relationships, these are loyal people who after the wedding will not walk on the side. Marriage is a very important value in their life. Goats are characterized by a spirit of camaraderie and collectivism.

The goat sincerely believes that everyone (like in the herd) has the same habits and tastes as her. Therefore, it should be smoothly led to the fact that you might like a different kind of books, films or food. In the shower goats are very soft and
submissive, but do not make Goat all the time to yield, otherwise it will turn into a hostile Goat.

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