Chinese horoscope-Monkey

Monkeys have a technical mindset and have
ability to work with metal – from making jewelry
products to engineering work in engineering. Usually
people-monkeys have golden hands, men can mend
all appliances in the house.

Such people are hard at work, active,
businesslike, mobile, restless, with leadership
abilities, sharp, insightful and inquisitive mind,
differ originality. They always have many plans, ideas.

Monkeys are eloquent, they can have a sharp tongue. These
people know how to use any chance to succeed.
Monkeys are evil and cunning. Being very diplomatic and
cunning, Monkey can always get out of the most difficult
situations. It is independent, by the nature of an individualist.

Monkeys can not be imposed or inspired. Monkeys like small
decorations and embroidery on clothes, as well as fine jewelry

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