Quit smoking and not get better

A girl with a cigarette is nowhere in fashion. Today it is easy to lose weight, to pump up a beautiful body, investing time and patience, less often – money.

I would like to motivate girls and women who do not want to give up this harmful, deadly habit. Why is it so terrible to leave cigarettes?

The first thing that smokers usually say is “I smoke so I do not get better”. Yes, during smoking glycogen is released, which delays sugar in the blood. This is due to a sense of hunger, which is artificially removed, respectively, people eat less.

Also, the process of smoking is associated with metabolism. A day in the body of a smoker burns about 100 calories just like that.

There is another reason why, after giving up a bad habit, a person recovers. Strangely enough, but with smoking in the body, the hormone of happiness is allocated. Therefore, after quitting smoking, a person tries to replace the lack of a hormone with sweet. In the course is chocolate, or another sweet, which adds well not only happiness and good mood, but also extra inches at the waist.

In general, figured out. A person recovers because he replaces one bad habit with another. Like, for a lesser evil. But, the lesser evil, as practice shows, adds other problems – extra pounds.

What to do, and is there any way out?

Yes there is. This output is very simple. We need to forget about smoking, and make the food as balanced as possible. Sweet can be, but not in those volumes, when it replaces a full dinner, or dinner. Read more.

Eat more often, 5-6 times a day, but in small portions. Let the amount of food decrease in consumption by evening.

Do not forget to have a snack. Take the rule for a snack with vegetables or fruit.

Psychologists say that the reason for excess weight after quitting smoking is due to the fact that people habitually need to keep something in their hands. Accordingly, the cigarette is replaced by food. In this case, take dried fruits, nuts.

It is very good to do sports. Go to the gym, start training. Or, just run around in the morning, or in the evening. Physical exercises have not harmed anyone yet. On the contrary, you will feel taut and beautiful. And, the time to think about smoking, after a good workout should not remain.

An important psychological aspect is to remove from the field of view things that are reminiscent of smoking. Matches, lighters, ashtrays are things that need to be thrown away. Think about when you were smoking. For example, in the morning, with a cup of coffee. If so, change the coffee for tea, or do not drink anything in the morning except water. So, subconsciously, you will not “meet” with the stimulus.

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