Peach Blossom Flower of Romance

Romantic Flower in Chinese astrology gives a person attractiveness for the opposite sex, charm and love. But it affects not only love and romantic relationships, but also in the social sphere. Favorable for business contacts and careers. For every person, Romantic Flower is determined individually by year or by birthday.

If you are a Monkey, Rat or Dragon, your flower is Romantic Rooster
If you are a Pig, Rabbit or Goat, your flower is Romance Rat
If you are a Tiger, Horse or Dog, your flower is Romance Rabbit
If you are a Snake, Rooster or Bull, your flower is Romance Horse.
Each sign is represented by elements.
Rat-element of water.
Rabbit-element tree.
Horse element of fire.
Rooster – the element of metal.

If you did not find these signs in your birth chart, then we are waiting for them in the coming periods of life.
Rabbit – mart.
Horse -June.
Rooster – September.
During these periods, the magnetism and the attractiveness of a person for the opposite sex increases significantly! Therefore, it is favorable to spend time in places where the opposite sex gathers, to arrange romantic meetings and dates. There are possible changes in life, marriages.

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