Menu for a week

Menu for a week

When composing a home menu, you should pay attention not only to the variety of food during the day, but also for a longer time, avoiding the repetition of dishes on the days of the week. In most cases, a menu is made up for a week. The following factors should be taken into account: the content of essential nutrients in the diet and calorie content, the availability of necessary products in the store or in the market, seasonality and so on.

During a week it is recommended to include in your diet 3-4 dishes of fish, 2-3 dishes of eggs. Whenever possible, you should eat dishes from cottage cheese daily, cheese as well as vegetable products – fresh vegetables, fresh greens, fruits. The first dishes are recommended at least once a day.

In the menu for a week, the most rational is a combination of soups: three vegetable, two cereals and two potatoes ones or soup with legumes.

It is advisable to cook meals once a week. All the meals should be different from everyday food by a set of products and ways of processing them, such as national dishes, seafood dishes, flour dishes, baked potatoes, roasted stuffed peppers, original dishes of stale dishes bread, etc.

When composing a menu, you should consider the combination of foods and dishes throughout the day. If you had potatoes or cereal on the breakfast, they should not be cooked for lunch or dinner. It is better to cook curd casserole, stewed vegetables or a casserole of vegetables. In the menu, dishes should alternate in calories.

For example, if the first dish is fat soup, then the second dish should be less caloric and made of vegetables, cereals, fish, and legumes. If the first dish is light – clear broth or broth with vegetables– then the second dish should be more satisfying: from meat, poultry or fatty fish with garnish.

Dishes in the menu should alternate according to the method of heat treatment – fried, stewed, baked – and by the method of processing the products – chopped, natural, combined, and to taste that can be sharper or less acute, and so on.

When making a menu for a week, you need to be guided by the list of the daily set of products. This list provides the content of all the main components of food in the optimal ratio.

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