The mumps

The mumps is infection causing fever, a headache, loss of appetite, irritability, painful swelling of glands .These glands are located under ears and also over a mandible of the person. Swelling of glands temporarily changes, sometimes very sharply, a type of the person.

Except that, swelling can extend to area of a throat (a pharynx, a throat) and throats, turning process of swallowing into difficult and causing inconveniences. Usually the right and left sialadens are surprised at once. However sometimes defeat develops only on the one hand.

Though usually the mumps is not a serious illness, there can be complications, the heaviest them which encephalitis is. Complications develop seldom, and the prospects of recovery are excellent practically for all sick children. Once the postponed viral infection, a mumps, creates for the rest of life immunity against a repeated infection, even in that case when it the first time proceeded asymptomatically.

Apparently, the virus cannot be transmitted from the infected person another not infected earlier, than in 1 day prior to the first emergence of a swelling and other symptoms and later than later three – five days after disappearance of a swelling. Duration of an incubation interval can be at different people from 2 to 3 weeks, in most cases duration is 17-18 days.

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