Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Read every day for a month. Weight Loss 4-5 kg per month!

Life-giving newborn life flows into me, a huge-colossal life-giving force flows into me. A newborn life gives life, gives life, gives life: gives birth to a newborn young strong body, gives birth to a newborn young beautiful physique, gives birth to a light-flexible figure, gives birth to a beautiful thin young waist. Under the tremendous power of life throughout the body, excess fat quickly burns up, burns up, burns up until it disappears completely. A newborn life gives birth to a newborn-young, skinny-sunken, young belly. A thin young waist is born.
Excess fat, aggravating my body, spoiling my slender young figure, disappears, disappears, disappears. All excess fat quickly burns-burns-burns until it disappears completely. Every cell of my body, every bend of my body gets rid of excess fat. A slender, flexible young figure is born.
I constantly control my food: I refused excess food, I eat no more than the body needs to maintain an intense, energetic, cheerful life. I refused forever to overeat, because I clearly realize that food can heal, and can bring diseases with me. Every day I become more slender and healthy .. I refused to eat excess food once and for all, and no power can force me to eat what I consider unnecessary.
Mentally, I am wondering what I need to eat for a healthy energetic life, I refused an extra spoon, an extra piece.
I tune in to a slender young figure and now, and after 30 years, and in 100 years. I tune in to the preservation of a newborn and young physique, to maintain a thin young waist through many decades, through my whole life. And my whole body unconditionally and unquestioningly fulfills my will, mobilizes all its unlimited reserves for the exact fulfillment of my desire to always maintain a slender young figure, a thin young waist, a skinny, sunken belly ..
I have a strong will, I dare everything, I can do everything, I can always control my food and give up excess. I have the strongest self-control. I firmly remember that I always need to control my food and every day I become more and more slimmer, slimmer, slimmer !.
I clearly feel the needs of my body.
I always know exactly how much to eat for a healthy vibrant life !!!