8 tips from a fitness trainer

  1. At the first training, do exercises for all muscle groups. Do not be afraid to overload the whole body, your muscles will hurt anyway, so it’s better to get sick right away. Then it will be easier. But do not do exercises with maximum weights, remember, the goal of your first training is to stretch your muscles a bit, and not die the next day. Take less than your maximum weight.
  2. Do not forget about the workout! Always, before each workout, do a warm-up. You came to the hall to become healthy and beautiful. Without doing warm-ups, sooner or later you can be injured. But no one will say what the outcome of the injury will be. You don’t need problems in the future? No training should begin without a warm-up.
  3. Visit the gym no more than 2 times a week. This intensity of training will help the body go through the stage of adaptation and prepare for more dense loads. More frequent exercises at first can lead to overwork, and this is fraught with hormonal imbalance, sudden weight loss and health problems. You can increase the degree and frequency of loads after 2-3 weeks.
  4. Sport is a kind of drug, as soon as you start, you will notice over time that you can no longer do without training. The most difficult thing is for the first time to force yourself to cross the threshold of the gym.
  5. Return to nutrition – do not indulge your body! If you are hungry and there is an intense workout ahead, remember the good phrase: “Do you want to eat? Eat an apple! If you don’t want an apple, you don’t want to eat ”and act. Half an hour before exercise, take a small snack – half an apple, grapefruit or pear will be enough to satisfy your hunger and have the necessary effect on the body. With the right approach, the body will draw energy from its own reserves.
  6. Be prepared for an emotional attack, changing to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, the body will literally beg you for sweets. This happens because the body is trying to make up for the lack of sugar, which has ceased to flow in the usual amounts. It is very important to withstand dignity with dignity and not give in to temptation, because it is during this period that there is a danger with the trinity to return the discarded. I do not recommend consuming sweets while your weight is unstable.
  7. Remember the water balance. In order to get rid of excess weight as soon as possible, you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water per day. Water accelerates metabolic processes in the body by 30%! And this means, consuming from 1.5 during the year, you can additionally get rid of 2.5-3 kg of excess weight!
  8. And finally, the last piece of advice – often “look in the mirror”. On the first day in the gym – take a picture of yourself in full growth in all angles! In order not to be distracted by how you “turned out” take photos without a face. Repeat this simple procedure every week in the same clothes and soon you will see how your body is changing. This psychological device will discourage you from eating too much for a long time, because with each photo the results will be more and more obvious!

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