7 symptoms of vitamin deficiency

  1. Your arms or legs are often numb, a feeling of weakness in your legs, a frequent heartbeat, and your memory has worsened. This indicates a lack of thiamine or vitamin B1. To fill the shortage will help corn, rye bread, beans, spinach, brewer’s yeast, carrots.
  2. Vision drops, eyes quickly get tired, cracks appear on tooth enamel. Then you need vitamin D. It is produced under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. But it is also found in some products such as vegetable oils enriched with vitamins, cod liver, flounder, mackerel, chicken egg yolks.
  3. You began to catch a cold more often, you had a spleen, weakness, neuralgia. This indicates a lack of pantothenic acid or vitamin B3. Try to include more green peas, beef liver, red beans in your diet.
  4. The skin became pale, acquired a yellowish tint, the gums began to bleed, sudden weight loss, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. The lack of folic acid or vitamin B is to blame. It is rich in cauliflower, parsley, broccoli, pork and beef buds, white sauerkraut and fresh cabbage.
  5. Hair began to fall out stronger, the skin became dry, dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy became more frequent. This suggests that your body needs vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. The shortage can be made up by eating peas, unprocessed rice, and beans.
  6. The skin of the face and hands began to peel off, spider veins appeared, in the morning you feel pain in the legs and severe lethargy. Then you do not have enough routine, riboflavanoids. They contain beets, cranberries, lingonberries, pomegranates, prunes, rose hips, carrots.
  7. You began to get sick with infectious diseases more often, do not sleep well, noticed “goose bumps” in some areas. Ascorbic acid is required, it is rich in sea buckthorn, sauerkraut, blackcurrant, cranberries, rosehips, bell peppers, citrus fruits.

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