Black Cumin benefits

BLACK Caraway seeds will save from a stroke

“In black caraway seeds there is healing from all diseases except death.”
Black cumin has the ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms and normalize blood pressure in hypertensive patients. To relieve high blood pressure, you should take one teaspoon of black cumin seeds, grind them into powder, brew with 250 milliliters of boiling water and let cool. This remedy should be taken every day on an empty stomach, only with garlic infusion 2 garlic wedges should be eaten.

There is a recipe for those who have a little playful memory. A remedy from black cumin will help the brain work more efficiently. To do this, take one tablespoon of dry mint and one teaspoon of black cumin seeds, pour cold water (one glass), boil and pour into a thermos. Hold in a thermos for 60 minutes. This drink should be taken instead of a thirst quencher. Only on the days of admission should exclude drinks such as coffee or tea.

Caraway seeds will save from a stroke

In Western Europe they say: who eats caraway seeds will never have a stroke. After stroke patients, they recommend 2-4 times a day (between meals) to take 10-15 seeds of caraway seeds, ground in a coffee mill, drinking this powder with water.

Some researchers pointed out that black cumin reduces blood pressure and prevents spasms of blood vessels, significantly reduces cholesterol.

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