7 Foods for Anemia

Basic postulates about iron deficiency anemia.

1️⃣ If you eat meat, this does not mean that you have no iron deficiency. Remember about half of women with hidden deficits? And vegetarians are usually no more than 10 percent. The conclusion suggests itself. Meat does not solve problems!

2️⃣ If you do not eat meat, this does not mean that you have a deficit. Although for many it sounds strange 😂

3️⃣ There is latent iron deficiency – when hemoglobin is still normal, and everything else is at a critical minimum. Therefore, when you take tests, you need to look the same: iron in serum, ferritin, transferrin.

4️⃣ There are two types – chronic and situational. For example, great blood loss always gives rise to anemia. This is a temporary condition. But it happens that this is a constant state of the body. And a man has been fighting him all his life.

Anemia is an unpleasant thing, to say the least. Especially for pregnant and lactating. The needs of women in special position x in iron are one and a half times higher than in ordinary women. (27 mg vs 18 mg). You feed your baby too. It forms its supply of iron in your womb. And the needs of women in iron are two times higher than in men (18 mg versus 8 mg).

Anemia is more common in women. At least because every month we have the very days when blood loss occurs. Blood loss occurs in every birth, although not always critical, but noticeable for the body in any case.

Therefore, yes, pregnant and lactating – and generally all women – need to eat more iron-containing foods, but this is not about meat!

❤️ greens. A lot of different greens – with butter, with lemon juice or just like that. There is not only iron, so it is necessary.

❤️ all green vegetables. They just still have a golden set of trace elements for the absorption of iron.

❤️ legumes – lentils, beans, chickpeas – it is also protein, and vitamins – including folic acid.

❤️ cereals – buckwheat, barley

❤️ Beetroot – including beetroot juice

❤️ Pomegranate and pomegranate juice (but not liters!)

❤️ And also seeds, nuts, dried fruits.

Iron is absorbed worse from plant products, according to scientists, so there should be more. And it’s important to combine them with foods that have vitamin C.

But I will disappoint all fans of heme iron, which is contained in meat and is well absorbed. This form of iron in large quantities increases the risks of various diseases, including diabetes and cancer, according to recent studies.

Separately, I will highlight turmeric. For all women, this spice is highly recommended – it is even often called female. Add it everywhere – and even eat it dry. She also helps solve this problem.

And yet this is about preventing deficiency. Because if it happened, it’s very, very difficult to get the right amount of iron from the products. And you need to take action, the condition is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous.

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