Muscle Building Nutrition

Muscle Building Nutrition
When it comes to muscle enlargement, nothing beats the right diet. It doesn’t matter how hard you train, it doesn’t mean anything if the amount of BJU does not fit the task.

But, you are not one of those people who will let this happen.

The first thing you need to know about building muscle fibers is how they work. Remember when we told you about restoring a wall after you damaged it with strength training? Yes? Well, this is only possible thanks to protein.

Protein, in fact, is a building material for muscles. Therefore, it is vital that your diet contains enough to stimulate muscle growth. More on this later.

But to become embossed, one protein is not enough. Will not work. You should also eat enough healthy fats to maintain your health and hormones, and at the same time, get energy for training from carbohydrates.

The diet should include everything. The main point is to find the right balance of the main macronutrients and vital vitamins, and then include them in your “clean” and healthy diet. Let’s figure out what you need to eat.


Protein is a macronutrient used by the body to create and restore muscle tissue. It is found in many foods, with the main sources being meat, eggs, beans and dairy products.

Here is a short list of the most popular protein sources used by athletes:

Chicken breast;
Lean beef;
Turkey breast and minced meat;
Protein supplements (whey and herbal options).
The body uses the protein you consume to repair damaged cells. So, of course, you need a lot of it.
If you consume less, the body will struggle to maintain and fullness of existing muscle fibers, not to mention its growth. We recommend adhering to the top of this range for muscle building. Maybe a little more if you are very thin.

A great way to ensure that you can eat enough amino acids is to split your protein intake. Instead of eating three meals a day, choose six meals. Just make sure that the protein is included in each of them (about 20-30 g), and it will be easy.
Many nutrition plans discredit carbohydrates. But the reality is that they are necessary as a source of energy.

By consuming the optimal types of carbohydrates at the right time, you will undoubtedly build muscle. In addition, with enough of them, you will look larger and feel stronger.

In dietetics, two main types of carbohydrates are distinguished. They are known as complex and simple carbohydrates.

Complex carbohydrates are longer saccharide chains. Their large length and complexity of the structure means that the body needs more effort to digest. Energy from them is released slowly and maintained over a longer period of time.

Simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, are shorter chains that digest faster. As a result of this, the body receives energy much faster. Hence a sudden leap, and then a breakdown after consuming foods high in refined sugar.

Here are some popular sources of carbohydrates:

Complex carbohydrates:

Brown rice;
Sweet potato;
Oat flakes;
Whole grain pasta;
Wholemeal bread.

Simple carbohydrates:

Table sugar;
Sports drinks;
White rice;
White bread;
Sparkling water;
Wheat flour pasta;
You should strive to include complex carbohydrates in your breakfast to start the day, in other main meals, and two hours before your workout. This gives the body enough time to digest them and turn sugar into glycogen, which triggers the muscles.

If you want to build muscle fast, this is the offer for you.


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