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The diet of the American doctor Robert Atkins is built on the principle of rejecting carbohydrates, their daily norm should not exceed 20 g per day. Almost completely banned are bread, vegetables, fruits, pasta, sugar and other high-carb foods.

Dr. Atkins Low Carb Diet natural fat burner
Following this system creates a state of ketosis in the body, which is characterized by the rapid breakdown of fats. The diet consists of two parts – reducing, which lasts two weeks and is designed to change the metabolic processes in the body and get used to a new type of diet; and supporting, which is designed to gradually achieve the desired form and maintain it, the duration of the second part is unlimited.

The diet is suitable for those who are driven crazy by restrictions on the amount of food, here you are not limited by the calorie content of any of the allowed foods, nor their weight.
In addition, this type of nutrition is designed to stabilize blood sugar and relieve sweets.

But, be very careful when deciding on this power system. It is suitable only for people with excellent health conditions (as you know, there are none – there are insufficiently informed ones), and the Atkins diet is especially categorically contraindicated for diabetics.
A complete rejection of carbohydrates negatively affects the brain – it is fraught with a bad, irritable mood, weakness, fatigue. This is due to the blocking of the production of the hormone serotonin.
The amount of proteins and fats entering the body increases, which increases cholesterol.

Prohibited foods: alcohol, sugar, fruits, starchy vegetables, bakery and confectionery products.

You can eat any fish, poultry, seafood, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms.
You can not use the daily intake of carbohydrates in combination with both proteins and fats for one meal. It is necessary to maintain an interval of 2 hours.

Sample menu:
Breakfast: coffee with cream, whole grain bread with butter and cheese.
Lunch: chicken baked with vegetables
Dinner: salmon steak, green salad with feta cheese and olive oil, a glass of dry wine.

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Separate food

How to loose weight in a week at home .

At the head of this food system is a slow but constant weight loss.
In addition to the basic principle of non-mixing of proteins and carbohydrates in one meal, healthy foods should be eaten. All traditional dishes, such as potatoes with meat, rice with meat, bread with sausage, and indeed most sandwiches, are excluded. Garnished vegetables are non-starchy.
Vegetables and fruits are welcome without restriction. You should also abandon a variety of baking, especially with the filling, canned foods and semi-finished products.

One of the biggest advantages of this form of nutrition is the possibility of unlimited consumption of salads and fresh fruits. Raw vegetables and fruits can start and end the day, and it is desirable that they make up to 80% of all food consumed.
According to separate nutrition, incompatible products can be consumed in compliance with a two-hour interval.

What is the theoretical basis for separate nutrition? The bottom line is that the conditions for digesting different foods are different. That is, an acidic environment is required for the absorption of proteins, and an alkaline environment for carbohydrates. Therefore, while consuming proteins with carbohydrates, one of them is absorbed worse by the body. As a result of such use, both protein products and carbohydrate are poorly processed by the body and additionally load the pancreas.

An example of alkaline products: vegetables, herbs, fruits, soybeans, nuts, and legumes. Acid-based products: meat, flour, sugar, cereals.
Products on an alkaline basis: vegetables, salads, potatoes, greens, fruits, fatty dairy products, soy products, legumes, nuts (except peanuts).
Preference should be given to alkaline products, as they are easier to digest and less caloric.

Breakfast should consist mainly of alkaline products – vegetable or fruit salad, should be approached in detail, choosing foods rich in protein – for example, grilled chicken breast with a large portion of salad. It is advisable to make dinner from foods rich in healthy carbohydrates – potato casserole, spaghetti from durum wheat, etc. vegetables. People who adhere to the principles of separate nutrition note improved gastrointestinal tract function, lack of heaviness in the stomach and gradual weight loss.

 – healthy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables
 – no limit on the amount of food and the need to count calories
 – improvement of well-being

– a complete change in eating habits developed from childhood
– it is necessary to study and keep constantly in sight the tables of compatibility of products

Sample menu:

Breakfast: granola or oatmeal with fruits or nuts;
Lunch: baked fish with a large portion of salad, fish broth;
 Dinner: pasta with cheese.

Kefir-buckwheat diet

In addition to buckwheat, you can drink kefir (not more than 1% fat, not more than 1 liter per day). The tandem of these products helps to cleanse the intestines very effectively: cereal removes deposits from it, and kefir ensures the removal of “garbage” out.

Keep in mind that fresh kefir is not recommended for those who have increased gas production, and a three-day drink is not desirable with a high level of acidity of the stomach, a tendency to heartburn.

This type of diet has its own divisions. The first menu suggests that losing weight eats steamed buckwheat and drinks kefir 30 minutes before or after porridge. The second version introduces raw buckwheat into the diet, which some consider less caloric and more saturated with various useful substances. In this case, you need to steam the buckwheat on kefir. Further – everything, as in a mono-diet: only water- body detox drinks .

If irritation and a sense of breakdown occur during strict diets, you can afford some greens, some dried fruits, some fruit (say, an apple). If strict buckwheat diets categorically do not suit you, you can try other methods with less stringent restrictions. These include the protein-buckwheat diet – the menu here contains cottage cheese, fish or chicken breast. There is also a buckwheat-vegetable option, which involves alternating buckwheat and vegetables throughout the day or alternating buckwheat and vegetable days. 

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