CBD helps speed up your metabolism and reduce food intake

How to reduce appetite with CBD?
CBD is not a tool for losing weight, which will solve your problems with weight loss in a short time.
The Cannabis genus is the only known plant in the plant kingdom that produces Cannabinoids.

In 2015, the scientific journal PLoS One presented to the public a study conducted by the Hotchkiss Brain Institute, together with other American institutes. According to scientists, THC reduces weight gain, fat mass and energy consumption in obese rodents. Specially fed mice received a certain dose of THC daily for 3 weeks. At week 4, this dose was increased.

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Interestingly, although cannabis stimulated the active weight loss of obese mice, it did not affect the weight of thin individuals. But where are the people? In the human digestive canal, there are almost 2 kilograms of living microorganisms. They work synergistically with the cells of the digestive tract, helping to digest food, maintain a healthy body, and affect weight loss or weight gain.

The study showed that cannabis is able to change the intestinal microbiome, forcing it to work to gain “normal” weight. For example, after a high-fat diet, tetrahydrocannabinol reduces the activity of microbes that stimulate weight gain in the digestive tract.

In fact, such findings are not a big surprise. It has long been known that cannabis has strong antimicrobial properties. In the wild, it helps the plant protect itself from pathogenic infections.

According to studies, the average cannabis consumer has a lower body mass index and waist volume than an ordinary person. And this is contrary to the fact that marijuana lovers eat an average of 600 calories more per day. In addition, cannabis users are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, and their fasting insulin levels are 16% less than average. The likelihood of obesity in such people is also reduced.

Hemp should never be confused with marijuana and the genetics for THC and Cannabinoid levels in hemp cannot be reversed even though over several generations of multiplication will creep into higher levels by several percentages, but never into marijuana levels. Feral hemp in Ontario, which has been under self propagation for 100 years or more has been tested (Baker 2003) and demonstrated to be very stable at <0.2% THC.

CBD can help you lose weight in the long run. If you eat right or eat a diet. Scientists have conducted research and studies have shown that CBD can reduce appetite and turn bad fat into good fat, break down fat and increase metabolism. CBD is useful for those who want to lose weight – provided that they also want to change their lifestyle.

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cbd cannot be considered as the only treatment for weight loss. It is best to look at this as an additional tool that will be used along with a healthy diet and sport.

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