How to protect yourself during a Coronavirus

Coronavirus agitated the whole world. In many countries, quarantine has been declared, and the media are terrifying with negative forecasts. It’s hard to keep calm when everything is restless. But to succumb to general panic = to be an accomplice to the destructive.

  1. Turn on common sense
    Yes, in many countries quarantine. But not because of the high mortality, but due to the high spread of the virus.

Fear and panic are children’s behavior, common sense is adult. Knowledge is the main medicine.

  1. Stay home whenever possible
    This is the most reliable way not to get infected.

If you are a manager, let your people work remotely. Meetings can be held through video conferencing services (Zoom or Skype), chatting in instant messengers, and monitoring tasks in online schedulers.

If you are so uncomfortable – be patient. This is temporary.

If you are an employee, ask the manager to give you this opportunity. The company will have more problems with the fact that you or your colleagues will get sick than from remote work.

This is especially important (!) If you are over 50 years old. Especially (!!) if you have a chronic illness.

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  1. If you need to leave the house
    Make sure your mucous membranes are moist. The virus is extremely difficult to cling to clean mucous membranes. Buy saline, add a couple of drops of sea buckthorn oil and treat it with your mouth and nose. Ideally, buy a nebulizer (device for inhalation) and breathe it before leaving. For the eyes – any moisturizing drops.

Came home – rinse the mucous membranes, pour hot water with mustard into a basin and steam for 10 minutes. The virus does not like heat.

Carry a liquid antiseptic with you and regularly treat your hands with it. Do not touch your face with raw hands!

Ventilate the apartment, buy a bactericidal lamp and turn it on when you are not at home.

  1. If you fall ill
    If you have a light form – STAY HOME. Even if you just stuffy your nose, even if you just started a slight cough.

This virus is not fatal. People do not die from the virus, but from the attachment of a bacterial infection. In 99% of cases, you will recover, but you can infect others with weaker immunity.

But if you have a dry cough, discomfort when inhaling, fever – consult a doctor (in a mask so as not to infect). Do not leave it to chance.

  1. Prevent
    Your immunity will cope with the virus, if not interfere.
    Food that acidifies the body interferes with immunity: any form of dairy and flour products, excess meat, sugar, fast carbohydrates – refuse this for the next 30 days.

Drink more water – an average of 2 liters per day. Not cold, not carbonated. Blood will be cleaner – it’s easier for the immune system to fight the virus.

Physical exercise. At least once a day, you need to give yourself a load so that you sweat. Blood moves faster – it will become easier for the immune system.

Eat homemade food, carry it with you. Increase the amount of greens in the diet. The last meal is no later than 19. Evening is the time for cleansing and restoration, and not for digestion.

If you were waiting for a reason to quit drinking and smoking – here he is. Any toxic load on the body and the risk of getting sick increases at times.

Devote this month to inner development and caring for your body. And be healthy!

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